Creative Bible Journaling: 5 People You Need to Follow Now!

Creative Bible Journaling: 5 People You Need to Follow Now!

About a year or so ago I attended an online conference about Creative Bible Journaling called the Flourish Bible Journaling Conference. I had been wanting to learn how to express myself creatively.

I had recently had a friend pass away from cancer who was an amazing artist. At his funeral, his family spoke about his talent but mostly about how he encouraged his children to explore their creativity (most notably through music and painting). I decided that I really want to encourage my children in the same way.

And when I happened to see an invitation to the conference online I jumped at the chance.

It. Was. Amazing!!

At this time I had already been dipping my toe into the well of creativity in my journal that I used for my Bible study time. And by creativity, I mean I was doodling and using Washi tape to make make the pages of my journal a little more interesting.

Back to the conference. As I said it was amazing. It opened my eyes to how easy it can be to be creative during your quiet time. The speakers were so inspiring.

Fast forward to 2019 and I have started to follow a few Bible journaling teachers on Facebook and Instagram. Some spoke at last’s year’s conference and others I have just found after doing some exploring. They have helped me to start to be creative in my Bible and not be afraid of whether or not it turns out like I plan or not.

Psalm 107:29 . Crea!tive Bible Journaling: 5 People You Need to Follow Now

I want to share with you a few of my favorites that I discovered.

5 People and Groups to Follow to Learn About Bible Journaling Techniques

Krystal Whitten

One of my favorite people to follow on social media is Krystal Whitten. She teaches about hand-lettering and using it as a form of worship. Last year I purchased her book Faith & Lettering: An Inspirational Guide to Creative Lettering and Journaling and love it. I have been practicing and starting to use her techniques in my sermon notes.

She also has a lot of free downloadables on her website, including free lockscreens for your phone and worksheets so that you can easily print and practice different techniques that she teaches about on her blog.

Jennifer Evangelista

It would be hard to pick my favorite from the speakers from the Flourish conference…even so, Jennifer Evangelista would definitely be towards the top of the pack. This woman is so wise! She encourages women to study the Bible and be creative (even when we think we aren’t artistic).

She has a fantastic blog called Grace in Color and a Facebook group by the same name where she teaches women creative ways to study the Bible. Her blog has free workshops and printables that you can use during your Bible journaling.

Amy White

One of my favorite people to follow on Instagram is Amy White also known @delight_in_colour. The posts that she shares are beautiful and inspirational.

In fact, after reading one of her explanations on how she did a technique I actually was brave enough to start creating in my Bible rather than just admiring everybody’s art on social media.

The image I shared above of my creative Bible was inspired by one of her posts.

Creative Worship Bible Journaling

Creative Worship Bible Journaling is a wonderful group that has wonderful activities planned throughout each month, including a Bible study and challenges. I love this group! Tutorials are also shared which is helpful for newbies like me.

That leads me to their sponsor – Sweet and Sassy Stamps. Before getting into Bible journaling I had no idea that some people design whole pages using stamps rather than free-handing their lettering or even pictures. For someone who does not like the look of their lettering, this is a great way to go.

Illustrated Faith

One website that you do not want to miss if you are thinking about starting to do creative Bible journaling is

On their website, you can find digital printables, stamps, notebooks, but more importantly, you can find a huge amount of tutorials by tons of amazing teachers.

I have been able to find a few of their stamp collections at Hobby Lobby, but also have a huge inventory on their website and good discounts when you purchase in bulk.

Be the Light Bible Journaling Conference 2019

Sad that you missed last year’s conference? Don’t be.

Another one is coming up soon and you should join me.

The Be the Light Bible Journaling Conference takes place on October 16th through the 18th. When you register (for free) you will also get the chance to win some amazing prizes like an Illustrating Bible from Dayspring).

Be the Light Bible Journaling Conference October 16-18.

This conference will be a great time to learn about Bible journaling techniques and tips, learn how to study your Bible, and how to be the light in this world! Plus, there will be some amazing giveaways.

Bible journaling conference giveaway. October 16-18

Even though there is no cost to attend the conference, please use my link HERE to register, so the conference hosts know that I am the one that sent you. Thanks!

When you register you will also get the option to buy an All-Access pass, which gives you lifetime access to all the sessions.

REGISTER today and join me on October 16th-19th! If you do let me know so we can compare notes.

Have you tried Creative Bible Journaling yet? If so let me know in the comments below what your favorite technique is!

Creative Bible Journaling: 5 People You Need to Follow Now!
Creative Bible Journaling

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